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School Board Scholars

2021-2022 Wall of Fame


Spelling Bee Champion            Violet Perry
Addition T-Race Champion            Braylon Stewart
Multiplication T-Race Champion        Cooper Manor    

2021-2022 School Board Scholars


All award-recipients must receive grades of 95% or greater ("A" or "A+") in every class each grading period.  The student must be enrolled full-time for at least 160 days and received grades from all four quarters.


Honored recipients received a certificate, a trophy, and their names were entered permanently into the records of the School Board during its regular monthly meeting held after the program.


The following students received the School Board Scholar award:



Emily Allen (1)
Josephine Bertelson (1)
Jacqueline Brewer (1)
Eleanor Clark (1)
Jocelyn Elliott (1)
Leah Jackson (1)
Koele Kasper-Bolander (1)
Autumn Linn (1)
Hannah Masterson (1)
Samantha Moulton (1)
Hailey Mullin (1)
Ryland Neeson (1)
Aaron Pearson (1)
Sophia Rahmany (1)
Sienna Richwine (1)
Morgan Rost (1)
Kallisto Slunaker (1)
Finn Stiller (1)
Tenley Van Vactor (1)
Maxwell Wanner (1)
Zoe Zander (1)
Cade Ziebell (1)


( ) = Years as School Board Scholar