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Clubs & Activities

Because the Journey Matters...

McCordsville Elementary School (MES) offers several extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in.  MES staff know that getting students involved in opportunities they are interested in Engages and Empowers students to discover their strengths.  

Many of the extra curricular activities have been successful in meeting the students' goals.  Success is defined here as providing a positive experience that builds students' character, helps identify strengths and enriches the students' lives.

McCordsville Elementary has many activities in which the students enjoy participating. These activities begin before school or last until past regular school hours. The following is a list of some of these activities and clubs that are offered (if funding is available):

  • Math Pentathlon
  • MES Choir
  • Art Club
  • Student Council
  • Bookstore Operation
  • KUB News - live broadcast of daily news, birthdays, congratulatory messages, weather, life skills or other announcements

Parents need to make arrangements for students to be transported to and from activities in a timely manner.  Participation in these special activities is a privilege, rules need to be followed or sponsoring adult may revoke participation.