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Bus Information

Transporting Students Safely is a Priority for MVCSC!

MVCSC takes safety and transporting students very seriously. Many measures have been established to ensure the safety of students to and from school. The Transportation Department would like to remind all parents and students that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Behavior that does not follow safety procedures or rules could lose the right to ride the bus.

The MVCSC Transportation Department is committed to partnering with families and communities to provide safe and efficient transportation while operating in a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment. This includes transportation to and from school, educational field trips, athletic trips, and all other approved school activities.

Transportation Department:

Bus Routes

The 2024-2025 Bus Routes will be live a few days before school starts! Buses may have a trial route run a few days prior to the start of school, but this is practice and does not involve students. 

The first couple of weeks of school are transitional times as routes are being adjusted based on the number of students riding the buses so routes may change based on need. Parents and students will be notified as soon as possible when changes become necessary. Please have students watching for their bus and at their bus stop 30 minutes early on the first few days of school.

BusRight App

BusRight icon

MVCSC is partnering with BusRight to provide a free app displaying their child's bus location in real time! To take advantage of this opportunity during inclement weather or anytime, parents should:

  1. Download the BusRight App.
  2. BusRight will send an email invitation at the beginning of the year to all parents that includes a personal link specific to your child's BusRight account. Click this link to login to BusRight and view your child's routes.
  3. If you cannot find the email invitation in your spam folder at the beginning of the year, parents should send an email to

For additional information on BusRight, check out this parent guidetraining videoFAQ page.

Troubleshooting: If you log into the system and observe the bus appears to be offline, it does not mean the bus route is not in operation, but rather, it is the result of one of the following reasons:

  • The bus route has completed its run and is back at the bus lot and the GPS is not turned on.
  • The driver is using a spare vehicle that is not equipped with BusRight's GPS tracking system.
  • The GPS tracking system on the vehicle is not online due to technical issues.
  • If the route does not show as an option on your route list, you might not be assigned to that stop in the BusRight system. Please contact the transportation office at 317-485-3100 or